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How works

The idea

ResearchIndex allows researchers in the Computer Science community add metadata to existing research papers. By rating the papers, adding comments, reviews, and tags we can make it much easier to search through the huge number of research papers and find the interesting ones.


Registered users can create collections of their favorite papers. Collections make it easy to organize your papers, keep track of interesting comments from other people, and find other related papers. By putting papers into your collections we can find other people with similar interests and suggest other papers that could be interesting to you.

Reading groups

Are you a member of a reading group where you read and discuss research papers? ResearchIndex makes it easy to create private groups of users where you can discuss the papers.

Graduate classes

Instructors in many graduate-level classes require the students to read research papers and email them summaries of these papers. In ResearchIndex, it's simple for an instructor to create a reading list for his class, add all the papers, and set deadlines for each of them. Students subscribe to this reading list and post/read the reviews online.
I'm an instructor, how do I create a reading list for my class?
I'm a student, how do I post comments to papers?

Comments and Acknowledgements

Much thanks to Peter Bodik, the original (and on-going) author of ResearchIndex. Rails 2.0 conversion by Vijay Vasudevan.

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